ACT! Developer Training course

Training objectives

Get a knowlegde of ACT!'s database structure. Use ACT! API to develop an add-on.
Exercices: Realise a download Web Form coupled with ACT!'s database …


On our premises or remotely.


2 days (14 hours).

Type of training


Intended audience

System Administrator.


VB.Net language knowlegde and SQL background.

Equipment and software

Each attendee must have a computer with the software which is the subject of the training installed. Remote Training courses require an Internet access and a phone or a computer with microphone/speakers (headset recommended). The videoconferencing solution that we are using allows each participant to follow the training from anywhere, by teleworking or from one of his company's sites. Phone calls are free from 34 countries, internet calls are totally free.

Training course outline

Thank you for contacting us to get the detailed plan of this training course