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ACT! Products

ACT! Products

ACT! is available in single-user mode or networking

ACT! products are reference tools for Management and Customer contacts, as well as managing activities and Calendar.

  • ACT! Pro
  • For independent who wish to organize and develop their business.
  • ACT! Growth Suite
  • For companies that want to structure their business, share information remotely, improve the efficiency of their Commercial and monitor the achievement of individual and collective goals.
  • ACT! Growth Suite Cloud
  • For companies looking for a practical and complete solution without IT management.

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Our Trainings

ACT! Training Courses

Tutored by our Senior Consultants

The ACT! User Training course is tailored for your company groups that will have to use the performant ACT! system for their daily work. This in-house course is designed to give a solid grounding in the key aspects of ACT! software. Delegates will work under the supervision of expert trainers and experimented consultants.

Training for future ACT! administrators. After a day of training administrators will have acquired al principles governing the administration of the software. Administrators must previously know the application ACT! or be trained on using the software that is the subject of an other lesson plan.

The Developer ACT! Training course is tailored for your development team who has to build add-ons for ACT!, and is tutored by our Senior Consultants.
Course Objectives: Get a knowlegde of ACT!'s database structure. Use ACT! API to develop an add-on.
Exercices: Realise a download Web Form coupled with ACT!'s database ...

ACT! Add-ons

Found out about our ACT! Add-ons, and give your clients management another dimension...